I absolutely hate my job.  It’s just not interesting.  I don’t care about teaching people CPR, I don’t like the people in my office and I don’t like spending my whole day doing absolutely nothing that makes me smile.  It’s supposed to be all exciting when you have your first real job.  I am finally using my degree, but only for my qualifications.  There is literally no thinking involved in what I do.  It’s horrible.  And the people.  I don’t enjoy seeing a single one of them.  No body is fun or exciting or has good stories to tell.  They’re all just going through the motions and being extremely bizzare while doing so.  I called in sick today because A) I had a hang over and B) I just couldn’t bare the thought of sitting in my office all day staring at my computer and wanting to leave.  This isn’t the way to live.  This isn’t right.  This isn’t what I want from life. 


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