Margaritas, Kings Island and couples in denial.

While Brittney’s weekend experience at the VMA’s might have been horrible, my weekend experience was amazing.  Friday was a low key work night at Uno’s.  We weren’t very busy, but I found myself keeping occupied and helping out worthy co-workers.  After I was done I enjoyed a few margaritas with an old friend, Erin Brown.  The two of us could make of each other all night long and think it was the funniest thing in the world.

Saturday brought an early rise as I headed to my friend Kristine’s house so we could go to Kings Island.  I stopped at the bank on the way and found myself incredibly annoyed.  Why do people go through the drive thru bank window if they don’t even have the appropriate deposit or withdrawn slip already filled out?  Go inside if you need to do the slip!  The drive-thru should be speedy and efficient, not gas wasting and park worthy.  To the woman in her outdated mini-van, be embarrassed that after stalling me by filling out the forms in your car the teller still wouldn’t give you money cause you were over-drawn.  I continued to Kristine’s and still managed to get there a half hour before departure.  Oh well.

The drive to Kings Island was accompanied by old time hip-hop music with such favorites as “You don’t have to take your clothes off to have a good time”.  Upon arriving, I flet tears run down my face as I noticed they no longer use the old parking system where you could park in Yogi 5 or Pebbles 6.  In fact, Nickelodeon has officially taken over the park.  It’s depressing.  I know it’s been Nicktoons for a while there, but some of the old Hannah Barberra stuff still lingered.  Now, even the carosel wher you could ride Dino or some other old time cartoon has been replaced by a carosel with sponge bob and the rugrats.  Disgusting.  the only remanents of the old days are Scooby Doo items.  Sob!!!

The park wasn’t too crowded which was a relief.  What wasn’t a relief were my shorts.  Upon getting in line for the Vortex we decided we needed some beer.  Yes, the park now has beer stands.  I went for my wallet, but my zipper broke.  I had 4 people clammering around my ass, pokign and prodding and trying to undo the stuck zipper.  It was more action then I’ve ever had.  The solution came in the form of a safety pin used as leverage.  Good call Kristine.  All the rides were amazing, except I missed the new ride because someone puked on it and they shut it down, and the new Italian Job ride which was as fun as a 3rd grade play.  The little bit of rain we got didn’t hamper our spirits as we found ourselves at the bar inside Bubba Gumps Shrimp Shack.  When all else fail, drink!

The weirdest part about the trip were Kristine’s two friends we met up with.  They were both 34 and claimed to be dating, though it was such an odd feeling.  The girl was clearly a lesbian and she was flirting with Kristine and Tiffany.  The guy was prancing around after a few beers and clamoring over me so I was pretty sure the couple was just really trying to deny they’re antural selves by clinging to each other.  Interesting.  I would have been utterly terrified, but he was kind of cute.

The ride home was long and tiring and by the time I hit my bed I was dead asleep.  I awoke refreshed and ran errands, cleaned house and got a pitcher of beer with my mom.  We then proceeded over to Ruby Tuesday’s where our server was a total dork.  My moma nd I joked about him and had a good time.  It’s good to do low key things with her.  I also discussed joining a bowling league with her.  It could be fun.  That about covers it though.  Time to get back to work. 


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