some quick thoughts…..

– I am a substance abuser.  This isn’t something I see changing anytime soon.

– I don’t have any really close friends.  Nothings seems consistent when it comes to me and relationships.

– I am heading to New Jersey on thursday for a tattoo convention.  I will be promoting American Red Cross online training courses, specifically a course called “Universal Precautions for Tattoo Artists and Body Piercers.

– I work too much to have a normal social life, and when I do get to be social I am boring and quiet because I just want to relax and be lazy.

– I miss being included in things.  I have become a loner.

– I have been trying to meet new people who are eligible for me to date.  So far, I’ve only met one such person.

– I have 3 gentlemen surrounding me who I am interested in, 1 of them won’t happen ever, 1 of them would be too much drama to happen and one of them I seem to be failing at connecting with. 

– I am poor. 


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