Adam does New Jersey!

       Sorry I haven’t poster, things have been hectic lately.  I got back from my business trip on Sunday night around 11:30pm, so yesterday I was pretty much dead weight.  But lets start at the begininning.  I was heading off to the Starlight Tattoo Biggest Tatto Expo in the World.  I woul dbe promotin Universal Precuation and Red Cross safety.  The trip has been in the planning stages forever, so it was great to finally get the load off of my shoulders.  I met up with Gayle (my co-worker) at the airport and we waited patiently to board our miniscule express jet.  Not a good time.  When we finally arrived in Jersey we realized the hotel we booked was not even by the convention center.  to make the hotel worse, an air conditioner blew up on Saturday night cause my floor to be evacuated do to an electrical fire or somethine lame!

    The convention itself was fairly tolerable.  there were several highly attractive guys there so it was well worth it for the eye candy alone, including Louie, who was a piercer and had a booth across from ours.  He was from California and generally just made me smile every time I saw him.  My companion on the trip provided me with some entertainment as we dished about work and co-workers of course.  I even managed to track down an Uno’s in Jersey where I got familiar with the servers and was told that people from the mid-west talk incredibly slow. 

     I was ready to come home by Sunday evening however it seemed the gods were against us.  Our plane had to taxi for and hour and twenty minutes before taking off and I was forced to sit in front of two high school girls who were reading text books outloud.  If that wasn’t bad enough, one of them busted out a hardboiled egg as a snack.  The smell was horrendous.  The girls were incredibly annoying and as I attempted to escape their stupid chatter with my iPod I was horrified to see that it was dead.  In a risky move, I turned to the girls who had a laptop and asked them if I could plug my iPod into it.  They agreed, then stole a bunch of my music.  Oh well, I least I got to ignore them for the rest of the trip.

   All in all I’d say it was a cool trip.  I got to walk the streets of  Jersey and experience just how rude the east coast really is.  I am glad ot be back though, and I think the trip helped me appreciate some people who I’ve been spending lots of time with lately.  Here’s to being home and keeping our Shetlands safe!


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