While gathered in a circle of friends, we cheers our drinks, made fun of stupid people around us and mocked the decor of our restaurant.  We re-hashed old stories, swapped th latest gossip and basically had a total blast.  One of the highlights was Geoff blurting out, “You guys still Xanga?!??!!?”.   A fit of laughter broke out as Beth and I both still know the importance of the mighty Xanga. 

     Yes, Geoff, Brian Wilson, Kinder, Beth and myself all gathered for dinner and drinks this past Saturday and definitely remembered why we all become friends.  We met at Beth’s where her giant elephant made it’s debut and I agonized over Lindsey’s ringtone (a hip hop song that I swear stole it’s background music from Lost!, what’s the song called?).  We piled into Lindsey’s car and parked in a hotel parking garage and then found ourselves hard pressed on how to exit.  We finally made it out of the dungeon and stumbled over to Rock Bottom, but along the way Geoff and I got a good laugh at a lady whose high heel got stuck in one of those vents on the side walk.  and she had a broken arm.  haha.  Rock Bottom featured a random, wondering crying baby and Lindsey head butting said baby after the dad had picked the brat up.  We sat in the lower levels of the restuarant but that may have been a mistake.

    I sampled the Circle City Light beer but wasn’t impressed.  Our servers (we had two) were extremely unfriendly and our service was snail paced.  I don’t think they ever even told us their names.  I had steak tips that were ok, but not really pleasant looking.  My dish was literally a giant bowl that slopped gravy, a few pieces of steak, cheesy mashed potatoes, fried onions and mixed vegetables (which wound up just being green beans) into a huge mess.  decent, but ultimately unappealing and not worth the price.  The others food was ok as well, but I don’t think we were impressed over all.  We left after giving a deserved tip and after I freaked out about having to pee in a trough.  Gross!

    Our next stop was Nicky Blaines where we were sat in a corner and basically shunned.  We decided that place was probably hideous with all the lights on and discovered that we didn’t really enjoy martinis that had a bite to them.  Again we had poor, slow service, but at least this chick seemed to be busy.  Robin made a guest appearance and I decided Martini’s are essentially just big shots.  Kinder departed with Robin and the rest of us made our way back to street level and wondered where to go.

     Our search led us down to Slippery Noodle where nothing was going on.  We saw Pete Felix, and later invited him to join us, but he was occupied.  We decided to make a long trek over to the Elbow Room.  On the way we stopped at the Wild Beaver so someone could pee (Beth?  or Geoff?)  and so I could get some shots.  I needed to keep fueled.  I had a flash back to getting thrown off a bar stool but shook it off and the group began our trek again.  I made inappropriate comments about minorities and Wilson remanissed (sp?) about the quad.  Upon finding the Elbow Room we sat upstairs and enjoyed what was finally a lovely setting.  It was just crowded enough, the service was good, the atmosphere attractive and we weren’t, say, in the corner.  We drank up, and threw in the towel. 

    I drove home thrilled and excited about our group of friends.  I really don’t think I’ll ever be that close knit with anyone again.  I learned new things about people this weekend and basically spent the Sunday trying to recalibrate and figure out my options.  I have a feeling this will be a good week.  I have a feeling I can trust myself.  and I have a feeling that probably means I need to go take a shit.  So I will end this Xanga on that note.


A new day

       My last post was bleak but totally sincere.  I’m feeling a little more optimistic about things thanks to the weekend, but I still feel like life has me put rhough one ringer after the next.  There has to be more then this out there, right?  Things eventually settle right?  Proably not.

       As I worked toward solving my bank issues this weekend I became increasingly frustrated with my finanical institution.  Maybe I should change banks?  What pissed me off the most was saturday morning.  I take all my tips from Friday night and my paycheck from Uno’s to the bank at 9:30am, before I started my shift at Big Daddies.  I knew the money I had would still put me at just under $0 dollars in my account.  I filled out the slips and walked up to the teller, Cody, who smiled stupidly and greeted me with a “Good morning sir”.  His chunky fae jigled and the grease coating that surrounded his skin was foul.  He clicked around on his bank teller screen, gave me my reciept with my balance on it then proceeds to say rather loudly, “Sir, you know your account is still over drawn!”  What an ass!  The slip I was holding would tell me that, so expressing this outloud was just rude and uncalled for.  I just said, “whatever” and left.  What happened to courtesy and customer service.  The bank clearly doesn’t have any of that.

       I watched the Jungle Book of DVD yesterday, I hadn’t seen that one in a while.  It’s a good Disney flick, better then lots of them.  The music is good, the story exciting and the characters are all so distinct.  I used to think if I was a disney character I would be Sebastion from the Little Mermaid, now I am not so sure.  I could definitely see me being Bagheera the panther from Jungle Book.


I can’t do this anymore.  I work 65 hours a week.  I don’t ever go out and do anything interesting because I’m too tired.  I can stumble into a bar, but only if it’s close to home and cheap.  I hate my job.  It’s not what I want to be doing at all.  I try to get my life together.  I quit smoking pot, I’ve been attempting to hang out with new people and it’s just not enough.  I don’t have anything left to give.  I have a negative bank account because i’m being charge 279 dollars in over draft fees.  My account is 166 under.  How is this possible?  How can the fees be more then what the under balance is?  I suck at being an adult.

Dream a little dream of me

It was absolutely terrifying!

       My dream starts in Bloomington with my friend Beth.  We’re just leaving some gathering and hitting the back roads to come home.  I somehow have this amazing new shortcut, but Beth is a little wary.  We decide to take the short cut anyway, but it’s weird because we aren’t driving a car.  We have two scooter boards that are tied together and were both laying chest down on them and propelling ourselves down this road.  Anyway, we hit a stop light and we’re sitting there and this white van pulls up next to us.  This woman makes no reference that we’re on scooter boards, just smiles and hands us a pamphlet.  We both examine it to discover she is a Jehovah’s Witness.  We throw the pamphlet in the trash receptacle at the next rest stop we go by and we see the woman’s van there again.  She looks at us, and then speeds off.  Suddenly Beth and I are at my parents’ house.

     I walk in to see my sister Shellby sitting on the couch with two guys, both who look familiar, but I don’t really know them.  Beth and I go back to my room and start watching TV, but something is wrong.  Someone has moved all the things in my room around and made messes all over the place (my room was HUGE in the dream).  I go to confront Shellby and notice one of her friends is ashing his cigarettes on the living room floor, creating a pile of burning embers and ash that was at least 2 feet wide and a foot tall.  Gross!  I freak out and tell her she has to vacuum it up because it’s going to catch the house on fire.  Then I yell at her for letting her friends smoke in the house.  She accuses me of smoking in my house and we get into a huge argument.  Back in my room we hear a commotion, so we go to check it out and Beth is gone.  The window is open.  Shellby and I continue fighting, and it boils down to a smoking argument and me shattering my bowl/pipe against the wall. (which is odd because I just had a conversation about not smoking anymore, and I haven’t in a while, but this was a statement).

       Shellby and I look over to window and both climb out of it since it’s open.  We follow clues, but I have no idea what clues.  We somehow track Beth to a neighborhood about 30 minutes away, by foot.  While sneaking around yards and peering in windows we stumble across my old US History teacher Mr.Fishel.  We ask him for any guidance he may have and he sends Shellby and me over to his neighbors who he believes are odd.  We arrive in the middle of some gift exchange.  The family takes us inside and lets us watch the ritual, whatever it was, and I get distracted and start playing music on their computer.   I play Zeppelin, and they all start freaking out calling us sinners and evil.  Shellby and I both take off for the door, only now it’s not Shellby, it’s my older sister.  We start running through some woods, and finally burst into a clearing. Our house is right in front of us, and Amber makes it inside.  I am captured by some man.  He Lifts me over his head and throws me into the side of my house.  Black.

       The next thing I get is me standing on a street, the big man is gone, but in front of me is the white van from earlier.  I open it up and find Beth inside, tied to the seat.  I jump in and start freeing her, but then the Jehovah’s Witness woman returns, slamming the door and locking it.  I attack the woman, and manage to unlock the back doors to the van which Beth dives out of.  The woman slams my head on dash and starts driving away.  I am stuck!  But the weird thing is, she is driving backwards.  I tell hr she is crazy and I don’t know why this happening.  She goes faster and faster in reverse and I’m thinking she’s on a suicide mission.  Finally we stop.  She looks psychotic and just starts laughing.  I jump up and attempt to exit the back of the van but she starts driving again, and then suddenly I can feel the whole van falling.  Since I’m in the back, I don’t know if we off a cliff or what.  She gives me an evil glare and then BAMM.

   I wake up.   Terrified.  Alarmed.  Scared!


        Another weekend come and gone.  Tragic really, they’re so much better then the other days of the week.  Friday was incredibly awkward for multiple reasons.  I didn’t go to work unil noon, I had some maintenance issues at the apartment.  Upon arriving I felt like something was off.  There was tension in the air.  My boss seemed her normal self, the co-workers were doing the usual, I just couldn’t pin point what was wrong.  Finally at 2:30 my boss announced she was going home early.  Immediately after leaving two of my other co-workers asked me if she said anything to me.  I sort of freaked out a bit, thinking I was in trouble or something.  Turns out it was just the opposite.  My boss hadn’t spoken to the other office workers all week. I’ve been communicating with her, and apparently this makes me her “golden boy” as classified by my co-workers.  I doubt that though.

      I left around 4:30 and headed into Uno for some deep-dish madness.  I was in the bar, so I didn’t have to waite on kids thank god.  They make it so difficult when they only have like 4 menu options!  Stupid babies.  The night was uneventful and I quickly finished and changed my clothes so I could partake in an after work cocktail.  I say with Vicki, this crazy middle-aged woman who used to be a teacher but then decided she doesn’t like kids?  Yeah I was confused too.  She told a story about how in college she went to a dance for the Ball State Association.  Turns out they didn’t know what it was really about.  BSA was actually Black Student Assoc.  Silly Vicki.

      As the bar settled down my friend Jeff arrived.  We’ve been hanging out lately, I decided to go over to his apartment for a bit.  We played with this dog Rocky then we went to bed.  I was exhausted so I wasn’t much company for him.  I awoke and rushed home to freshen up, then off to Big Daddies where I would barely make it through my shift.  I was so tired, I think I feel asleep standing up.   Of course I didn’t rest in the evening, I wound up drinking at Big Daddies.  I had wanted to meet up with friends or something, but no one seemed to be responding to any of my requests.  I must have some curse on me or something.  I wound up at this bar The 10 with my new BD manager Heather and a few others.  It was a total bust.  Ghetto fabulous and jam packed to boot.  I had one beer then insisted on leaving.  I give the 10 a 0. 

       I slept until 2:00pm on Sunday, refusing to be of any value to society.  I did go the grocery store where I somehow spent $92.00 but other then that I wached TV, built a puzzle and cleaned a bit.  Then it was back to the work week.  I am looking foward to tomorrow night, I am joining my mom’s bowling team on Tuesdays apparently.  This means I will be dropping Uno’s on tuesdays which is good.  I work entirely to much.  Red Cross should be low key this week, but one never knows.  I guess that’s all I’ve got.  I’ve been trying to hang out with different people lately, I am glad.  I want to continue the trend.  I know so many people who I love to spend time with but I never do. 

  It’s really quite sad.  I sit here at work, typing, looking at the screen with my head tilted to right so that it’s aligned with my computer screen.  Yes, my moniter is possesed.  It makes this extremely high pitched screeching noise which will continue until I leave for the day at 4:30pm.  My solution involves the accesories that came with my Jimmy Page action figure.  Yes, I have a Jimmy Page action figure, yes he’s wearing the dragon pants, yes he’s plaing guitar.  The action figure (which really doesn’t move much, hence it’s actually a figurine) came with a spearker that says Zoso on it and a tuner?  or something, which is a little plastic box, 1in x .5in x 2.5in.  If I place the plastic box correctly under my monitor, raising up one side of it, the high pitched noise stops.  It’s really quite sad.

tequilla    Last night I stopped in at big daddies for a drink after getting my hair cut.  The bar recieved a free gift from Asombroso Tequilla.  It’s a giant liquor dispenser.  There is no way you could put tequilla in the 3 foot dispencer, but perhaps margaritas.  It’s actually quite a site.  and yes, it does look like a giant penis.

   Some quick side notes: It’s hard to create non-gaudy christmas print pieces, I am giving $2.00 out of every pay check for a year to United Way, I may be joining my mom’s bowling league, I can’t believe that stupid Hung won Top Chef, I really want to sleep in every day it seems, I am desperately craving and missing Lays Chicago Style Loaded Baked Potato Chips.