It’s really quite sad.  I sit here at work, typing, looking at the screen with my head tilted to right so that it’s aligned with my computer screen.  Yes, my moniter is possesed.  It makes this extremely high pitched screeching noise which will continue until I leave for the day at 4:30pm.  My solution involves the accesories that came with my Jimmy Page action figure.  Yes, I have a Jimmy Page action figure, yes he’s wearing the dragon pants, yes he’s plaing guitar.  The action figure (which really doesn’t move much, hence it’s actually a figurine) came with a spearker that says Zoso on it and a tuner?  or something, which is a little plastic box, 1in x .5in x 2.5in.  If I place the plastic box correctly under my monitor, raising up one side of it, the high pitched noise stops.  It’s really quite sad.

tequilla    Last night I stopped in at big daddies for a drink after getting my hair cut.  The bar recieved a free gift from Asombroso Tequilla.  It’s a giant liquor dispenser.  There is no way you could put tequilla in the 3 foot dispencer, but perhaps margaritas.  It’s actually quite a site.  and yes, it does look like a giant penis.

   Some quick side notes: It’s hard to create non-gaudy christmas print pieces, I am giving $2.00 out of every pay check for a year to United Way, I may be joining my mom’s bowling league, I can’t believe that stupid Hung won Top Chef, I really want to sleep in every day it seems, I am desperately craving and missing Lays Chicago Style Loaded Baked Potato Chips. 


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