Another weekend come and gone.  Tragic really, they’re so much better then the other days of the week.  Friday was incredibly awkward for multiple reasons.  I didn’t go to work unil noon, I had some maintenance issues at the apartment.  Upon arriving I felt like something was off.  There was tension in the air.  My boss seemed her normal self, the co-workers were doing the usual, I just couldn’t pin point what was wrong.  Finally at 2:30 my boss announced she was going home early.  Immediately after leaving two of my other co-workers asked me if she said anything to me.  I sort of freaked out a bit, thinking I was in trouble or something.  Turns out it was just the opposite.  My boss hadn’t spoken to the other office workers all week. I’ve been communicating with her, and apparently this makes me her “golden boy” as classified by my co-workers.  I doubt that though.

      I left around 4:30 and headed into Uno for some deep-dish madness.  I was in the bar, so I didn’t have to waite on kids thank god.  They make it so difficult when they only have like 4 menu options!  Stupid babies.  The night was uneventful and I quickly finished and changed my clothes so I could partake in an after work cocktail.  I say with Vicki, this crazy middle-aged woman who used to be a teacher but then decided she doesn’t like kids?  Yeah I was confused too.  She told a story about how in college she went to a dance for the Ball State Association.  Turns out they didn’t know what it was really about.  BSA was actually Black Student Assoc.  Silly Vicki.

      As the bar settled down my friend Jeff arrived.  We’ve been hanging out lately, I decided to go over to his apartment for a bit.  We played with this dog Rocky then we went to bed.  I was exhausted so I wasn’t much company for him.  I awoke and rushed home to freshen up, then off to Big Daddies where I would barely make it through my shift.  I was so tired, I think I feel asleep standing up.   Of course I didn’t rest in the evening, I wound up drinking at Big Daddies.  I had wanted to meet up with friends or something, but no one seemed to be responding to any of my requests.  I must have some curse on me or something.  I wound up at this bar The 10 with my new BD manager Heather and a few others.  It was a total bust.  Ghetto fabulous and jam packed to boot.  I had one beer then insisted on leaving.  I give the 10 a 0. 

       I slept until 2:00pm on Sunday, refusing to be of any value to society.  I did go the grocery store where I somehow spent $92.00 but other then that I wached TV, built a puzzle and cleaned a bit.  Then it was back to the work week.  I am looking foward to tomorrow night, I am joining my mom’s bowling team on Tuesdays apparently.  This means I will be dropping Uno’s on tuesdays which is good.  I work entirely to much.  Red Cross should be low key this week, but one never knows.  I guess that’s all I’ve got.  I’ve been trying to hang out with different people lately, I am glad.  I want to continue the trend.  I know so many people who I love to spend time with but I never do. 


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