Dream a little dream of me

It was absolutely terrifying!

       My dream starts in Bloomington with my friend Beth.  We’re just leaving some gathering and hitting the back roads to come home.  I somehow have this amazing new shortcut, but Beth is a little wary.  We decide to take the short cut anyway, but it’s weird because we aren’t driving a car.  We have two scooter boards that are tied together and were both laying chest down on them and propelling ourselves down this road.  Anyway, we hit a stop light and we’re sitting there and this white van pulls up next to us.  This woman makes no reference that we’re on scooter boards, just smiles and hands us a pamphlet.  We both examine it to discover she is a Jehovah’s Witness.  We throw the pamphlet in the trash receptacle at the next rest stop we go by and we see the woman’s van there again.  She looks at us, and then speeds off.  Suddenly Beth and I are at my parents’ house.

     I walk in to see my sister Shellby sitting on the couch with two guys, both who look familiar, but I don’t really know them.  Beth and I go back to my room and start watching TV, but something is wrong.  Someone has moved all the things in my room around and made messes all over the place (my room was HUGE in the dream).  I go to confront Shellby and notice one of her friends is ashing his cigarettes on the living room floor, creating a pile of burning embers and ash that was at least 2 feet wide and a foot tall.  Gross!  I freak out and tell her she has to vacuum it up because it’s going to catch the house on fire.  Then I yell at her for letting her friends smoke in the house.  She accuses me of smoking in my house and we get into a huge argument.  Back in my room we hear a commotion, so we go to check it out and Beth is gone.  The window is open.  Shellby and I continue fighting, and it boils down to a smoking argument and me shattering my bowl/pipe against the wall. (which is odd because I just had a conversation about not smoking anymore, and I haven’t in a while, but this was a statement).

       Shellby and I look over to window and both climb out of it since it’s open.  We follow clues, but I have no idea what clues.  We somehow track Beth to a neighborhood about 30 minutes away, by foot.  While sneaking around yards and peering in windows we stumble across my old US History teacher Mr.Fishel.  We ask him for any guidance he may have and he sends Shellby and me over to his neighbors who he believes are odd.  We arrive in the middle of some gift exchange.  The family takes us inside and lets us watch the ritual, whatever it was, and I get distracted and start playing music on their computer.   I play Zeppelin, and they all start freaking out calling us sinners and evil.  Shellby and I both take off for the door, only now it’s not Shellby, it’s my older sister.  We start running through some woods, and finally burst into a clearing. Our house is right in front of us, and Amber makes it inside.  I am captured by some man.  He Lifts me over his head and throws me into the side of my house.  Black.

       The next thing I get is me standing on a street, the big man is gone, but in front of me is the white van from earlier.  I open it up and find Beth inside, tied to the seat.  I jump in and start freeing her, but then the Jehovah’s Witness woman returns, slamming the door and locking it.  I attack the woman, and manage to unlock the back doors to the van which Beth dives out of.  The woman slams my head on dash and starts driving away.  I am stuck!  But the weird thing is, she is driving backwards.  I tell hr she is crazy and I don’t know why this happening.  She goes faster and faster in reverse and I’m thinking she’s on a suicide mission.  Finally we stop.  She looks psychotic and just starts laughing.  I jump up and attempt to exit the back of the van but she starts driving again, and then suddenly I can feel the whole van falling.  Since I’m in the back, I don’t know if we off a cliff or what.  She gives me an evil glare and then BAMM.

   I wake up.   Terrified.  Alarmed.  Scared!



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