I can’t do this anymore.  I work 65 hours a week.  I don’t ever go out and do anything interesting because I’m too tired.  I can stumble into a bar, but only if it’s close to home and cheap.  I hate my job.  It’s not what I want to be doing at all.  I try to get my life together.  I quit smoking pot, I’ve been attempting to hang out with new people and it’s just not enough.  I don’t have anything left to give.  I have a negative bank account because i’m being charge 279 dollars in over draft fees.  My account is 166 under.  How is this possible?  How can the fees be more then what the under balance is?  I suck at being an adult.


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  1. I totally understand ya and I don’t think anyone is great at being an adult. I’m not the best either yet but I know I will do my best! I say keep up the fight and just keep looking around for a job you might like. It doesn’t hurt to look right 😉


  2. I can’t stand my job either…and I apply to newspapers on a regular basis and haven’t heard back from anyone!!! Whenever my account was negative and had over draft charges it totally depressed me- there is something about a negative number in your bank account that just makes you hit bottom. I am telling you this because you are not the only one that sucks at being an adult- anyone in their early twenties sucks at being an adult. And none of us have it figured out yet- in fact I don’t think you figure it out until your 40. Hang in there bud.


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