A new day

       My last post was bleak but totally sincere.  I’m feeling a little more optimistic about things thanks to the weekend, but I still feel like life has me put rhough one ringer after the next.  There has to be more then this out there, right?  Things eventually settle right?  Proably not.

       As I worked toward solving my bank issues this weekend I became increasingly frustrated with my finanical institution.  Maybe I should change banks?  What pissed me off the most was saturday morning.  I take all my tips from Friday night and my paycheck from Uno’s to the bank at 9:30am, before I started my shift at Big Daddies.  I knew the money I had would still put me at just under $0 dollars in my account.  I filled out the slips and walked up to the teller, Cody, who smiled stupidly and greeted me with a “Good morning sir”.  His chunky fae jigled and the grease coating that surrounded his skin was foul.  He clicked around on his bank teller screen, gave me my reciept with my balance on it then proceeds to say rather loudly, “Sir, you know your account is still over drawn!”  What an ass!  The slip I was holding would tell me that, so expressing this outloud was just rude and uncalled for.  I just said, “whatever” and left.  What happened to courtesy and customer service.  The bank clearly doesn’t have any of that.

       I watched the Jungle Book of DVD yesterday, I hadn’t seen that one in a while.  It’s a good Disney flick, better then lots of them.  The music is good, the story exciting and the characters are all so distinct.  I used to think if I was a disney character I would be Sebastion from the Little Mermaid, now I am not so sure.  I could definitely see me being Bagheera the panther from Jungle Book.



One thought on “A new day

  1. Well, then, I guess it’s up to you if you want to hang out.  I’m not a good person to fall in love with, but someone makes that mistake on occasion.   Straight boys lack emotional range, sometimes. 


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