While gathered in a circle of friends, we cheers our drinks, made fun of stupid people around us and mocked the decor of our restaurant.  We re-hashed old stories, swapped th latest gossip and basically had a total blast.  One of the highlights was Geoff blurting out, “You guys still Xanga?!??!!?”.   A fit of laughter broke out as Beth and I both still know the importance of the mighty Xanga. 

     Yes, Geoff, Brian Wilson, Kinder, Beth and myself all gathered for dinner and drinks this past Saturday and definitely remembered why we all become friends.  We met at Beth’s where her giant elephant made it’s debut and I agonized over Lindsey’s ringtone (a hip hop song that I swear stole it’s background music from Lost!, what’s the song called?).  We piled into Lindsey’s car and parked in a hotel parking garage and then found ourselves hard pressed on how to exit.  We finally made it out of the dungeon and stumbled over to Rock Bottom, but along the way Geoff and I got a good laugh at a lady whose high heel got stuck in one of those vents on the side walk.  and she had a broken arm.  haha.  Rock Bottom featured a random, wondering crying baby and Lindsey head butting said baby after the dad had picked the brat up.  We sat in the lower levels of the restuarant but that may have been a mistake.

    I sampled the Circle City Light beer but wasn’t impressed.  Our servers (we had two) were extremely unfriendly and our service was snail paced.  I don’t think they ever even told us their names.  I had steak tips that were ok, but not really pleasant looking.  My dish was literally a giant bowl that slopped gravy, a few pieces of steak, cheesy mashed potatoes, fried onions and mixed vegetables (which wound up just being green beans) into a huge mess.  decent, but ultimately unappealing and not worth the price.  The others food was ok as well, but I don’t think we were impressed over all.  We left after giving a deserved tip and after I freaked out about having to pee in a trough.  Gross!

    Our next stop was Nicky Blaines where we were sat in a corner and basically shunned.  We decided that place was probably hideous with all the lights on and discovered that we didn’t really enjoy martinis that had a bite to them.  Again we had poor, slow service, but at least this chick seemed to be busy.  Robin made a guest appearance and I decided Martini’s are essentially just big shots.  Kinder departed with Robin and the rest of us made our way back to street level and wondered where to go.

     Our search led us down to Slippery Noodle where nothing was going on.  We saw Pete Felix, and later invited him to join us, but he was occupied.  We decided to make a long trek over to the Elbow Room.  On the way we stopped at the Wild Beaver so someone could pee (Beth?  or Geoff?)  and so I could get some shots.  I needed to keep fueled.  I had a flash back to getting thrown off a bar stool but shook it off and the group began our trek again.  I made inappropriate comments about minorities and Wilson remanissed (sp?) about the quad.  Upon finding the Elbow Room we sat upstairs and enjoyed what was finally a lovely setting.  It was just crowded enough, the service was good, the atmosphere attractive and we weren’t, say, in the corner.  We drank up, and threw in the towel. 

    I drove home thrilled and excited about our group of friends.  I really don’t think I’ll ever be that close knit with anyone again.  I learned new things about people this weekend and basically spent the Sunday trying to recalibrate and figure out my options.  I have a feeling this will be a good week.  I have a feeling I can trust myself.  and I have a feeling that probably means I need to go take a shit.  So I will end this Xanga on that note.


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