I guess I’ve just been a little bummed out lately.  It feels like life is just going through the motions right now and that’s a feeling I’m not too thrilled with.  My job at the Red Cross has been a hodge podge as of late.  I’ve been working with other departments on projects, which is amazing, but it makes me feel distant from my boss which has gotten other workers fired in the past.  All of my recent job leads and attempts to employ myself elsewhere have yielded no results, and it just makes me frustrated to know that I’ve totally failed when it comes to marketing myself to possible employers. 

    I have some interesting things coming up that could be of interest.  My cousin is getting married, so that should be a good time.  I have next Monday off work, and bonus days off are never taken for granted.  I’m kind of excited about the holidays, but that’s probably just because it’s more time off work.  I guess I just haven’t gotten the feel for being in the same place everyday with the same people.  It’s boring and horribly dry.  The excitement is minimal.  And the things my co-workers get excited about are just plain obsurd. 

   I just don’t belong here right now.


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