So I’m heading home from the bar last night and I think to myself, a late night snack before bed is what I need.  I pull into a Rally’s and order two cheeseburgers plain and a fry.  I am glad fast food places stay open later, it just gives drunk people something to sober up with.  Anyway, I pay the lady and continue driving home.  I can’t resist the smell of the cheese burgers so I open one up and scarf down on it.  Somethings not right though.  I take another bite and I can feel it.  Slimey.  Juicy, Gross!  My eyes tear up, I am barely paying attention to the road and I know I am going to puke.  I open the car window and think, no, this won’t work.  I open the whole door while driving and spit out the food.  A PICKLE!  I hate pickles!  And I almost died because of one. 


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