Some quick blurbs….

– While watching TV the other day, a commerical came on about a hospital.  A nurse talked for a minute about a little boy who was sick with…leukemia I think, I can’t recall, but then it goes on to show the parents of the child talking about how relieved they were because of the amazing service at the hospital.  They reference the kids name, which I can’t remember either, and talk about how he was comfortable and happy his whole stay in the hospital.  They never tell you what happened to the kid though.  After tugging at heart strings, the commercial says, “If you’d like to hear the rest of (insert dying kids name here)’s story, and find out the outcome of his case, visit .  That’s just sick.  A commerical using a dying child as bait to get you on their website.  ugh.

– Further more, the healthcare world is becoming more and more about marketing.  I recieved a letter from my local dentist in the mail the other day.  At first I was sure it was some old bill I had overlooked, but upon opening I was just as horrified.  The letter said something to the effect of, “Mr.Moschell, it occured to us that your Dental Plan through MetLife still covers $1,300.00 in dental visits.  Please take advantage of your insurance and get what you’ve paid for.  This is followed by a list of cosmetic dental surgeries, including a special sale on Sonic Blast teeth Whitening for only $245 (reg. $425).  Since when does the dentist need to advertise that aggressivly?

– The holidays are coming up and I am very excited.  My mom asked me for a Christmas List the other day and it made me chuckle.  She still makes me feel like a little kid around this time of year.  It’s marvelous.

– This Thanksgiving will be the oddest one ever.   My Mom and Dad will be visiting some arbitrary relative on my Dad’s side while my sisters and I will be at my Mom’s brothers.  I don’t think I’ve ever spent a Thanksgiving without them.  It’s kind of upsetting, but my only alternative is to go with them and that’s not happening.  Who hangs out with relatives whose names are “Junior” and “Sis”.  Sad.

– I have worn a shirt and tie to work every day this week.  We don’t have a dress code in my office, so everyone acts so lazy about dressing.  It’s always sweatshirts and polos arond the office.  I wanted to step it up and make the others look bad, so I dressed nicely.  I got lots of compliments and now I have added ties and shirts to my previously mentioned Christmas list.

– I think I have a new obsession, crush, entering the picture.  This should be full of angst and drama I’m sure.

That’s all I got.  Later.


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