I HAVE A DREAM! (I couldn’t resist since it was MLK on Monday)

  But I really did have a weird dream the other night, or at least I thought it was weird.  It started at Ball State University which appeared nothing like it does in reality.  Anyhow, my friend Squaller (Linds Schuyler) kept telling me I needed to go hand out with her, so we went to the grassy knoll (sp?).  She was suprising me with the return of Aubrie who had been somewhere else.  We celebrated for a moment, then went to play volleyball.  We signed up for this tournament, but you couldn’t choose teammates.  Everyone else was beautiful in the tournament and aubs and Linds got drafted onto normal teams.  Somehow my team was made up of me, a girl in a wheel chair, a giant moth and one of those monsters from the movie Tremmors!  (you know, Kevin Bacon, Reba was in it too). Anyhow, my dad suddenly showed up cutting grass during the tourney and watched for a bit.  He was a landscaper for BSU in the dream.  My team was pretty good somehow, the wheel chair girl kept managing to be in the exact place where the ball would go and the Tremmor ate several opponents, which was allowed I guess because no one complained.  The Moth didn’t do anything but be odd.  Eventually the volleyball court turned into water volleyball and my team began loosing.  The wheel chair girl sunk to the bottom and was useless.  The Moth was hovering but still doing nothing and the Tremmor got tangled in the net, which was also allowed because again no one complained.  Anyhow, I ended up getting diqualified from the tournament because they said I had taken steroids.  Then the dream ended.  Weird.

   In other news, the bookmobile was hellacious today.  A teacher actually told one of her students that she would “go ghetto on him” if he didn’t behave.  Scary.  The day was long and frustrating as none of the kids acted well, the school was run by someone as useful as a giant moth playing volleyball and it was freezing cold.  I got back to my office around 2:00pm and begain doing my taxes.  Another horrible chore.  Yuck.

  I’m working tonight at Uno’s, but I’ve not made any other plans.  Last weekend was a blast so I hope something else fun happens.  I miss seeing Beth daily.  She’s a good influence on me and she’s someone who genunily cares about me.  It’s always nice to see Pete too, he’s charming and kind of cute. 

Hit me up to make plans, or visit me at the bar on Saturday (11:00am – 5:00pm)  where I will hook you up with free drinks and maybe free food.  Later kids!


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