Television.  It’s one of things I get into in phases.  I’ve been re-watching old episodes of Lost in preperation of the new season (which is amazing so far) and I’ve been preparing for the return of Jericho.  Now I’ve never really watched Jericho, but in the DVD age where television shows are rentable at blockbuster it makes things easy to get caught up on. 

     The show is about a town the looses communications with the outside world when there is a massive nuclear attack on the United States and a huge EMP blast the disables their communications.  All kinds of crazy stuff happens with people fighting for food, scavangers invading the town, town drama (like affairs, random illnesses and fires) and a bunch of other stuff.  Anyway, the show was originally cancelled and not suppose to be re-newed, but with the writers strike going on, Jericho is now getting it’s chance to come back.  My problem though?  The ending of season 1.  It’s not an ending at all and if I had been a die hard fan while it was on as a serial drama I would have drop kicked my tv.  It just stops in the middle of an episode.  There is no resolution at all.  It’s the worst cliff hanger in the entire universe.  I just hope Season 2 can wrap things up if it needs to.

    In other news, it’s pitch-in day at work.  For Fat Tuesday.  I hate pitch-ins.  I don’t cook, so I never know what to bring.  Today I opted to try making meatballs, which don’t look horrible, but are probably deadly.  I have yet to try one.  Let’s hope no one dies because of one.


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