So it’s a new work week and I’m starting it out by getting promoted.  Sort of.  I have a new title and new responsibilities on top of my previous tasks, so I suppose I technically fill two positions now.  I’m glad that I’m being recognized and I’m excited to get to work more around the building.  I’ll be in charge of anything that has to do with kids, which is suprisingly a good fit for me.  Things are heating up with the bookmobile about the enter it’s third round of distribution, the National convention for the ARC is in March (and I get to go!!! Baltimore or BUST!) and I’ve just startd getting calls for summer health fairs.  I’ve booked 3 already.

   On the home front nothings new.  I’ve been limiting myself to only 3 bar outings per week, twice during Sun – Thrs. and then both Fri. and Sat. I can go out.  It’s good for my head, I get things cleared up.  Not to mention I’ve been reading more at home, in particular, the TPB Y:The Last Man.  It’s amazing and I recommend it to anyone who loves comics.  It comes in 9 volumes, so it’s a hefty read, but well worth it.  I’m on Volume 5 now.

   That’s all for now, more to come soon.


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