I feel clean.  Like somethings that have been weighing down on me have lifted and either the problem resolved, or I realized it wasn’t that big of a problem.  This is a good thing, although it leaves room for new drama to spring up all around.  And speaking of Spring, hurry up already.  I’m so sick of snow. 

      Things at Red Cross have been enjoyable as I’ve been focusing on ordering books for boomobile (always a good time) and developing some projects for summer camps.  It’s gotten me away from the same old same old nonsense that’s surrounded me lately.  Uno’s has been absolutely dreadful as a part time job.  It’s been so non-busy that it’s just not worth it.  And when you go in everyone is so miserable.  The managers are all crabby and they expect the servers to make up for the lack of crowd by selling them a bunch of crap they don’t want.  It’s not gonna happen.  Honestly, when you go to work and the manager says, “Tonight we are out of Bud Light draft, Lemonade, Ribs, French Onion Soup, Kids cups and styrofoam boxes!”  it lets you know that it won’t be a good night and that no one with intelligence was doing the ordering.   Big Daddies has been fun, and somewhat dependable as a good source of income, so no complaints there.

      On the homefront I’ve been trying to reorganize my comics.  When ever I need a back issue it’s such a chore to dig out.  I also bought an old Tomb Raider game the other day which I’m playing.  I haven’t played video games in a LONG time, but it’s been fun.  I have to dog sit this weekend for my sister, so that should give me plenty of time to spend around the house and relax.  I have like 3 books that i need to read, so i better hop to it.  That’s all for now kids.  Let your Shetland’s run wild, remember to include Apple Juice in your diet and if all else fails, think of 309.


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