For the summer of 2008 my department at work was offered the chance to put together a program that would reach out to the community, children in particular, and teach disaster preparedness and some basic aid training.  Somehow this project wound up entirely in my hands and I have had to plan out the who, what, where, why and when.  It’s funny how somedays I can feel like a total loser and failure and other times I can feel like I’m a lot more capabl then I ever give myself credit for.  I’ve had a great day today because I’ve scheduled 3 organizations to work with me this summer while I head up this project.  It’s exciting to see something I’ve been working on come into the real world and actually take a date on my calendar and to know that I’m in charge of all the planning and information.  That may all sound like a total pat on the back, but that’s because it is.  I’m proud of myself.

  I’m really looking foward to this summer, esspecially going to the lake with the ‘rents and getting a tan.  I’m freakin’ pasty.  I also am looking foward to a certain Cabin Party that is sure to be a total blast.


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