I may have scarred a child for life.

  Yesterday on the bookmobile, two 4th graders were looking through books.  The little boy picked up a Lizzie McGuire book where she is dressed as a cheerleader on the cover.  The girl looked at the boy, laughed and said “You would choose cheerleading, and it’s Lizzie McGuire!”  The boy was embarassed and quickly put the book down.  He looked at her and exclaimed, “Whatever, I was just looking at it”.  The little girl looked at me, and then back at the boy, “Sure, that’s why you asked me if you could borrow my lip gloss at recess yesterday”.  I lost it.  I couldn’t stop laughing and this poor kid is sitting there, embarassed and heart broken because he didn’t choose his Lizze book and now someone was laughing at him.  It was funny as hell though.


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