On Sunday I met with some friends to drive down to their summer cabin. I arrived at my friend Jayma’s house only to discover that our departure would be delayed due to her sister randomly popping in. Her sister, who I’ve met, has 5 kids, some step kids, and I had never seen them. While Jayma and her sister talked in the drive way the kids all ran across the street to a neighborhood playground. When I arrived, they were playing joyfully with no super vision.

Being the responsible friend I am I crossed the street and started playing with the kids. Their ages ranged from 2 – 8. The two year old took a liking to me because I was pushing him in his swing. Eventually I tired and I told the kids we needed to go inside. We all ran across the street and into the house, me with the previously mentioned toddler on my shoulders. I stepped into the living room and everyone stopped and looked at me.

“Adam, that’s not one of my kids!” I instantly put the kid down and looked at him. He just laughed. I took him back outside where one other kid was standing at the end of the driveway. I looked at him, he was only 8 at most and said “Is this guy with you?”. He said yes and I let the toddler go with him. I essentially kidnapped a toddler. Unknowingly of course, but still. I have no idea where the parents were or what happened to the kid. I had a brief feeling of guilt, then began laughing.


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