The month of June is literally disolving around me.   My birthday came and went, and it was one of my better birthdays so far.  I didn’t bother myself with doubts about getting older and still being in the same places.  I didn’t worry about who would or wouldn’t be around to celebrate.  I just had a good time, for me.  And no one else.

   My summer project at Red Cross has been rockin’ and rollin’.  So far we’ve seen almost a 1,000 kids which is spectacular.  We still have half of our planned stops left, so hopefully I can reach the 2,000 goal that we had planned on.  I’d be ecstatic.  I’ve had this on my mind, as well as moving.  I’m getting another apartment, which some people may consider a bad idea.  I’m just not ready to live in a house.  I am not around enough.  I don’t want the responsibility or the burden of being tied downt one spot for years on end.  Buying a house now is for keeps.  Selling isn’t much of an option when so few people are buying.  Not to mention, can I afford it?  I’m hoping this summer RC project will grant me a raise.

   My sisters wedding came and went without much noise.  It was what we all expected it to be, and she seems so happy for now.  Hopefully it all works out for her.  It has provided me with a rekindle sense of family.  It helped me see parents, grandparents and siblings in a new light.  I guess it pulled a lot of people in different directions and while I made my best attempts to remain cemented I don’t know that I did.  Emotions can be unpredictable and wildly passionate.

    What I’ve really missed this summer are my friends.  I haven’t been able to spend much time with anyone. I feel like I have a million things on my plate, so maybe July will help me to settle down and find time to get away.  I really want to go to Kings Island for a day or two.  Anyone want to join me?   I think that’s all for now.  Work is calling and I’m actually interested in it for once.


  SO I’m still alive after my b-day celebration.  It was a blast, and I love everyone who found the time to come visit me, call, write, leave a message, etc. etc. 

   I started the Red Cross Youth blog today, not much yet, but there will be eventually.