So I now know for certain that it is spring.  Today as I was leaving my apartment I felt tired and cranky.  However, as I pulled down the main street in the complex I noticed a guy walking a dog.  He was cute.  Then suddenly there was another guy jogging.  and one taking out the trash, and one walking to his car.  And they were all really cute.  Most of them looked dissheveled with their basketball shorts and unshaven faces, but it reminded of spring fever at Ball State when it seemed the hot guys were just dropping from the sky.


  For the summer of 2008 my department at work was offered the chance to put together a program that would reach out to the community, children in particular, and teach disaster preparedness and some basic aid training.  Somehow this project wound up entirely in my hands and I have had to plan out the who, what, where, why and when.  It’s funny how somedays I can feel like a total loser and failure and other times I can feel like I’m a lot more capabl then I ever give myself credit for.  I’ve had a great day today because I’ve scheduled 3 organizations to work with me this summer while I head up this project.  It’s exciting to see something I’ve been working on come into the real world and actually take a date on my calendar and to know that I’m in charge of all the planning and information.  That may all sound like a total pat on the back, but that’s because it is.  I’m proud of myself.

  I’m really looking foward to this summer, esspecially going to the lake with the ‘rents and getting a tan.  I’m freakin’ pasty.  I also am looking foward to a certain Cabin Party that is sure to be a total blast.

   So it’s that time of year again when my lease is going be done in a few months.  I really don’t want to live int he same place that I’ve been staying, so I need to start looking at different options.  I have one friend who wants to buy a house, and we’d do fine living together, but I don’t want to live somewhere that I’ll be uncomfortable because it’s someone else’s house you know?  That and the home he wants to buy is up by Butler which is great for him, but I don’t know how I’d feel about living up there.  I have two jobs on the south side so moving to 40th street could make the drive horrible.  Then again, I’d still be close to downtown where I work full time. 

   I also don’t really want to live by myself again.  It was alright, but I think I prefered having a roommate just so someone could help keep me on track and keep me sane.  Then there’s my Dad who wants me to buy a house, although I am not sure I’m ready for that kind of commitment with a home.  Who knows what will happen.

People on the East side consider “Baby Boy” a legitimate name.

     This weekend was full of WIN and moments of pure awesomeness, but before I dive into it all let me apologize for what I’ll call the Great Xanga Depression.  For some reason I was unable to fully wrap my head around what was going on around me.  I was unable to be poetic with any descriptions and my lack of drama depleted my artistic interpretation that creates these so wonderful Xanga monologues that you all love and adore.  My weekend was fierce, and I wish I could have spent time with Pete, Patrick and Beth (all of whom called me to do stuff this weekend). 

     Friday was a whirlpool of work and relaxation which consisted of cleaning out the Bookmobile Room, taking spreadsheer 101 from my boss and playing the most intense Jenga games ever known.  The Bookmobile is one of my prized duties at work and is something that I’ve sort of grown a little attached too.  It travels to 16 different IPS schools during the school year, each school getting 3 seperate visits.  Books are just given away, not lent out like on the lame library bookmobile.  If you consider that each of these schools has around 250 kids average that makes a total of 12,000 books given away by the Bookmobile.  These books don’t drop out of the sky.  We order them and keep them filed away in my second “Office”, the Bookmobile Room.

    The inner sanctum of non-profit literacy reformation is located in the garage at my office.  It’s a small room, about 7.5 feet in width and 12 feet in length (if that big).  Inside there is a table and a counter top shelf, and stacks and stacks of books.  These books get shipped ot us in boxes though, and here lies the true beast of the Bookmobile Room.  My boss feels it’s necessary to sav EVERY box we get.  She stacks them corners, on shelfs and on the counter.  She claims, “you never know when you’ll need a good box!”, which is even more hillarious wen you consider that she’s a lesbian.  I love her though, as she is one of the most original people I’ve ever met.  We managed to throw away around 100 boxes I think, but never fear, we have some left in case we get the urge to build a giant box castle in the garage.

    After work I went home and cleaned and then ventured to the North side to spend some quality time with Co-Worker Ashley.  Now I have a few issues with the North side as many people know.  It features round-abouts which come across as useless slabs on concrete chucked into the middle of an intersection.  FAIL!  Ashley even has some in her apartment complex, however when I attempted to “round” one, an SUV that was burning gas and taking up too much space just wouldn’t move and continue around.  She sat there, glaring at me as if I had caused some inconvience because I was demanding she move out of my way and proceed on to whatever useless thing she was planning to do.  I can get over her SUV, her stupidity and her general FAILishness, but when someone glares and rolls there eyes at me I take it personally.  She was a bitch.

   I proceeded to Ashley’s where we drank beer, ordered Pizza and created the tallest Jenga tower known to man.  I don’t know if it was all the box stacking we had participated in at work or our gentle fingers which created our masterpiece, but the Jenga vibe was with us and nothing was going to knock these towers down.  They’d wabble and tilt, but we were full of WIN.  After watching a bit of “Intervention” which featured a morphine addict I called it a night and headed home for some sleep.

    I awoke bright eyed and ready for fun on Saturday and I knew I had a full day planned.  I went to work at Big Daddies where the day was nothing extravagant.  The same music, the same poker players, the same tips I usually get, but something seemed homey to it all.  I’ve grown accustomed to spending my Saturday afternoons bartending and the money isn’t bad.  Fortunately time flew by and I soon found myself sitting down and having a beer with my friend Jayma.  I sat down while she played poker and I was given some pointers.  Everyone wanted me to play, clearly so they could take my money, but I knew it wasn’t a good idea.  7 beers and 4 shots later I headed home for supplies and then it was off to Uno’s for dinner.

    I arrived at Uno’s freshly intoxicated and feeling quite hungry.  I ate steak tips and then joined up with my friend Tiffany and Joe.  The three of us were planning an evening with fellow co-worker Sherry who has a house somewhere on 16th street.  We left Uno’s and headed to her home to drop off our stuff.  Pete called on the way, but seeing as how I has planned this evening in advance I couldn’t break my stride.  At Sherry’s we had some more beers and set up beds, then left for a bar called Rockets.  WOW.  This place was full of 3BWs (Big Black Beautiful Women).  they dressed in bright green and fushia while singing loudly and being totally hillarious.  Clearly we were outsiders, but everyone was polite to us and one guy even came and shot pool with us.  His name was….Baby Boy.  I asked him repeatedly what his name really was but he kept insisting that everyone called him Baby Boy.  I felt silly saying it outloud, so I resorted to calling him BB.

    After 15 Captain and cokes we headed back to Sherry’s where more Jenga (though we weren’t very good), Brain Warp and Euchere took place.  This was all followed by a brief wrestling tournament which I lost and some stupid card game that none of us knew how to play.  It had something to do with winkng at people, but that’s all I understood.  Anyhow, the lots of us went to bed and that was that.

   I awoke at 10:30, Joe Tiffany and I still intoxicated from the night’s events.  We ventured to Bob Evans after cleaning Sherry’s home and found ourselves scarfing down French Toast, Sausage, Eggs and other breakfast essentials.  It had been a long time since I has eaten breakfast food, but it was sorely needed.  Our waitress was deaf, but had a hearing aid and a great personality so it made the hung-over morning much more tolerable.  After Breakfast I headed home for some bonus sleep but was awaken when the Immigrant Song began blasting out of my cell phone.  My dad has invited me to dinner, but I had to decline as I was entirely too out of it for public appearances.  Fortunately, he sent my sister over to my house with a plate of food.  Now that’s parental loving. 

   I lounged around and cleaned after that, but then I began reading a book and laid back in bed.  It was a fun weekend, but I really wish I had met up with my pals from BSU.  I’m sure they had a blast.  Remember to keep your apple juice close by, to always remember 309 and love your shetlands. 

P.S.  Kiki Update: she was given to my sisters dogs who now affectionatly refer to her as Baby Girl.  If you ask them where Baby is they quickly race to get her.  While she is missing an eye and a leg and her fur is slobbery she is living it up and being loved just as much.

       I feel clean.  Like somethings that have been weighing down on me have lifted and either the problem resolved, or I realized it wasn’t that big of a problem.  This is a good thing, although it leaves room for new drama to spring up all around.  And speaking of Spring, hurry up already.  I’m so sick of snow. 

      Things at Red Cross have been enjoyable as I’ve been focusing on ordering books for boomobile (always a good time) and developing some projects for summer camps.  It’s gotten me away from the same old same old nonsense that’s surrounded me lately.  Uno’s has been absolutely dreadful as a part time job.  It’s been so non-busy that it’s just not worth it.  And when you go in everyone is so miserable.  The managers are all crabby and they expect the servers to make up for the lack of crowd by selling them a bunch of crap they don’t want.  It’s not gonna happen.  Honestly, when you go to work and the manager says, “Tonight we are out of Bud Light draft, Lemonade, Ribs, French Onion Soup, Kids cups and styrofoam boxes!”  it lets you know that it won’t be a good night and that no one with intelligence was doing the ordering.   Big Daddies has been fun, and somewhat dependable as a good source of income, so no complaints there.

      On the homefront I’ve been trying to reorganize my comics.  When ever I need a back issue it’s such a chore to dig out.  I also bought an old Tomb Raider game the other day which I’m playing.  I haven’t played video games in a LONG time, but it’s been fun.  I have to dog sit this weekend for my sister, so that should give me plenty of time to spend around the house and relax.  I have like 3 books that i need to read, so i better hop to it.  That’s all for now kids.  Let your Shetland’s run wild, remember to include Apple Juice in your diet and if all else fails, think of 309.

   So it’s a new work week and I’m starting it out by getting promoted.  Sort of.  I have a new title and new responsibilities on top of my previous tasks, so I suppose I technically fill two positions now.  I’m glad that I’m being recognized and I’m excited to get to work more around the building.  I’ll be in charge of anything that has to do with kids, which is suprisingly a good fit for me.  Things are heating up with the bookmobile about the enter it’s third round of distribution, the National convention for the ARC is in March (and I get to go!!! Baltimore or BUST!) and I’ve just startd getting calls for summer health fairs.  I’ve booked 3 already.

   On the home front nothings new.  I’ve been limiting myself to only 3 bar outings per week, twice during Sun – Thrs. and then both Fri. and Sat. I can go out.  It’s good for my head, I get things cleared up.  Not to mention I’ve been reading more at home, in particular, the TPB Y:The Last Man.  It’s amazing and I recommend it to anyone who loves comics.  It comes in 9 volumes, so it’s a hefty read, but well worth it.  I’m on Volume 5 now.

   That’s all for now, more to come soon.