So summer is here and it’s awesome.  Everyday I just want to lounge around and do nothing though, so I guess it’s similar to the winter.  Just thought I’d make some quick notes about what is going on in like

– OMG the LOST season Finale is tonight and I am overly excited for the event. 

– My new summer project at Red Cross has kicked off with much success.  I’ve been visiting summer day camps with new Vista worker Cara.  The two of us basically go to these camps and teach kids not to freak out during a disaster.  It’s a great time, and Cara has been a great person to work with.  She’s super positive and very excited about the project, plus she’s all kinds of fun.  Without her I’d have no one to agonize of MB’s excessive panting with.

– I’m moving again!  That’s right, again.  This time it’s across the street from my old apartment into the lovely Overlook and Valley Ridge.  Apartment names are ridiculous.  I’m not moving till the end of June, but if you feel like helping me pack or anything let me know.  Lazy sluts.

– My sister is getting married on June 14th with a reception following on June 21st.  It should be good family times and nice way to celebrate their union. Congrats BB!

– Sadly, because of the wedding I will not be able to attend Patrick’s Cabin Party this year.  I’m truely heart broken and very distraught over not being able to be in a drunken state of idiocy for days of end with some of my best friends. 

– My birthday is on Sunday, June the 1st.  Of course I have no plan, but I will most likely be drinking at Big Daddies, drinking at some other bar, or just drinking in a ditch somewhere.  Call me Saturday night or Sunday to find out where I am if you feel like meeting up with me.  I’ll be celebrating both times.  AND I have Monday off of work so I am up for late night Sunday extravaganzas as well!

That’s all I’ve got for now, so keep it real.


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