So I walk out my front door this morning a little early thinking I’ll take time to stop and get some juice and maybe a sandwhich at a gas station or something.  I go down the stairs and outside somewhat suprised it’s as warm as it is.   I walk towards my car and look down, crap, flat tire.  I open my trunk and begin to jack up my car when some guy walks up to me.  “That cops are down there”, he says.  I look at him bewildered and unsure, he goes back to blabbing on his cell phone.  He looks back at me, yeah, looks like someone came and slashed everyone’s tires in the parking lot.  I step back onto the curb and look at all the other cars.  Indeed, each on was a little slanted and lopsided.  Some were sunk down fully.  I appeared to be a lucky one because only one of my tires was slashed, some cars had all four. 

     Anyway, I call my dad and ask how to pop the panel off the tires to access the lugnut.  I begin the process and get the spare in place.  I notice the group of cops is still down the way so I walk down.  “Can we help you”, they say.  I explain my car is another slash victim and ask if they are getting names or anything.  They look at me stupidly, then a female cop who is in her car shouts, “We are on a different case number!  You need to call your slashing into the processor and get a case number and then someone will be sent out to help you!”  I roll my eyes and walk away thinking, “What a bitch!”   I just leave for work.  It’s not worth calling someone.  Nothing will be accomplished.  I arrive at the office to all the ladies standing around a window and watching an ambulance down the street blocking all of Central Ave.  What is going on?  Cops are there, then crime scene tape.  Odd.  Turns out, it’s a body.  A woman.  I get on CNN and see a Pakistan politician died.  Wow.  I can tell this is going to be an awesome day. 

     On a side note, Christmas was great, I didn’t get to see any of my friends really and I’m feeling forgotten. 


The Invitation


If I saw you in a gallery

Framed and hanging on a wall for everyone to see

I think something would come over me

I’d sit and analyze the way our love would be

Just seeing pictures of you is enough to make my mind go crazy

Not knowing what’s beneath your surface if what makes this interesting


I’ve known you for a little while

And admit that I’m in awe of your style

Can we spend sometime so I can see

If the love I feel has grown genuinely

I’ve known you for a little while

But I don’t know you at all, please lets meet.

      So I’ve been a little busy, mostly working, some playing and lots and lots of sleeping.  For some reason it seems no matter how much sleep I get I always want more.  I can stay up into the early hours of the morning, but I can rarely find the strength to just roll over and get out of bed.  I’ve been working my day job for almost a full year now and getting up at 6:30am is still not easy for me.  I don’t think it ever will be.  Not only are my sleep patterns off, but my dreaming has been out of control lately.  I’ve been having dreams that are only sound.  I’ll be lying in bed, I’ll hear something, like a car crash, or like last night, a woman screaming for help and gun fire.  I don’t know if I am dreaming that I’m in bed and this stuff is  happening outside my window or if I’m just dreaming in audio, if that makes any sense.  Regardless, theses dreams are downright terrifying and usually make me curl into a ball and hide my head under my blankets.

       The holiday season is here, but I don’t feel like it is at all. I haven’t bought a single Christmas present yet, and with only two weeks left I am really pushing the limit.  I know what I am getting everyone on my list (except for my Dad) but I just haven’t had the time or motivation to go out to the stores.  I usually don’t mind Christmas shopping at all, but this year it seems like the biggest hassle on the planet.  I went to my Grandma’s yesterday to help with her tree, my whole family went, and we made the best of it.  The whole event felt odd and disattached however.  I haven’t been to my Grandma’s house in almost an enire year.  I am not in a rush to return.  It just smelt horrible.  I could hardly stand to breath.  I can’t even begint o describe the aroma, but I think it derived from her dog and possibly rotten eggs.  Please Grandma, Febreeze!

     Work as of late has been mostly dull.  I haven’t had a lot going on besides odd jobs around the office.  The bookmobile is on a break for a bit, but will resume in January.  I do have to give a presentation to high school kids about the Red Cross next week, so I’ve been putting that together, but nothings been to exciting or interesting.  I recently applied for a position as a Promotions Assistant with Emmis howeer I am not expecting much to come of it.  I’ve definitely learned that you can’t get a job like without knowing someone or having a behind the scenes individual to get you hired.  I’ll keep trying though.

      I guess that’s all for now, but I’ll try to get more down later this week.  Later Gators

I woke up this morning to the worst news.  Someone died.  A special someone. A shetland someone.

At 3:00am a Shetland Pony wandered onto a busy road and was hit by a car.  I don’t know where, I don’t remember, Patrick had IMed to let me know.  I was heart broken.  The poor thing.  I can hear final winnies and nahs now.  May your prayers be with this magnificant creature as it ascends the bounds of earth and emerges into that beautiful grassy pasture in the sky.  R.I.P. PonyPal.