So it’s only 12:15 and I have already turned in for the night.  It’s clear that summer time in Muncie just isn’t going to be the same as the school year. The days start at noon, and while I should have motivation to get buff or something, I instead lounge aroudn and do stuff like write Xanga’s.  I have lost my sense of artistry, so whenever I try to write I just type out a lot of babble. 

I think the most intriguing part of the summer is missing people.  I miss everyone in so many ways, and it makes me realize who people were to me.  I can’t believe I haven’t seen Beth in a week.  She is such a great person, I really miss her.  David is also another void I want to replace.  I now have no one in close proxemity to be infatuated with.  No one.  It sucks.

Anyway, this Xanga is making me loose interest.  I am out.


So I’ve been a bit busy, and definaely haven’t had much time to write a Xanga, sorry troops. Where should I begin?  How about on Wednesday night?  I went out with the gang to get Pizza in the village and went on a major Roller Blading trip.  I listened to Aimee Mann for the whole time, and basically felt totally relaxed as I ran the events of the school year through my thread.  I watched as David and Aubrie talked to each other, feeling jealous of the bond she has made with him, but realizing the stupidity in the emotion.  I clinged to Sko for companionship, something that seems to be happening a lot lately.  Anyway, we all parted and I returned home where I got online and went to    I jokingly clicked on a few hot guys there and then went to bed.

Thrusday started with an e-mail.  It was from a guy named Andrew who went to Ball State.  I had clicked on him on Hot or Not.  It all seemed innocent enough, so I replied to his e-mail and told him my screenname.  Then I got a phone call from my little sister. 

Doug had called my house to tell me he was deployed back to Germany (Doug is my high school love who I will never get over).  He has been in the army for a while, and I was thrilled to hear he had called me.  My day only got better as I went to dinner with all my friends. 

Scottie’s was the place, and we all joined together and chilled.  I sat across from David, but Aubrie sat next to him.  It was a lot of fun, and I got some good pictures.  Afterwards we all went to B/C for a bit of mud volley ball.  It was cold and wet and muddy and David didn’t even play!! 

I left and showered and then returned to pick up Sko and Sam to go see X-Men 2.  The movie was so good that I cried.  The glory of it all was too much for me to handle.  I tried explaining it to people, but no one understood.  I felt like I had been impowered.  I had a sense of truth and understanding to myself.  I told Patrick “something you know and some you just believe and hope it comes out even”.  In other words, (and i had to explain this Aimee Mann quote to him as well) if I was him I would be totally in love with Beth.  I told him to stop being a pussy and hook up with her.  the Phoenix was within me. I was planning on IMing David and spilling my soul to him, but suddenly I was stopped.

Andrew IMed me.  Yes, this totally hot guy whose picture I had clicked on was talking to me.  At first I was scared, being horrible at flirting, but he was so nice and fun that I couldn’t help but feel comfortable. I found out that he knows Aubs and I insisted he come to her party the following night.  Then he asked me if we could talk on the phone.  I agreed and what followed was the most refreshing hour and half long get to know each other chat that makes life worth living.  He was so funny and honest and didn’t care about anything.  He was the greatest guy i have met in a long time, and I became more and more anxious to finally meet him.

After talking to Andrew for a total of three hours there was no way I could sleep.  I looked outside to see a gorgeous fog covered sun rise.  I had to walk.  I pulled out some Barenaked Ladies CDs and walked around for 2 hours, just thinking about Andrew and how excited I was to have met him.  I hoped he would come to the party.  After walkign I went home and slept, which was really nice.  It was a totally AWESOME day.

Friday started with helping Sko move out of the dorms.  We had fun going to her new apartment and unloading the car.  Afterwards I went home and got myself ready for the party of the year.  It started late, but I got the call and picked up Sko, Squal and Beth.  I can’t even begin to explain the chaos of it all, and I had SUCH a good time.  Here’s a quick rundown of what I remember happening (in no particular order):

Adam and Beth dance like maniacs in the living room to bad 80’s music, but made it look good.  Hot neighbors come over and tap the keg for us.  Adam sells cups while standing on the counter.  Adam drinks lots of vodka lemonade.  Adam does a keg stand.  Adam tries to kiss David, but is pushed away.  Aubrie makes a cool “CLAN” dedication display.  Beth macs on really hot neighbor.  My Sharona is my new favorite song.  Adam chills with Geoff and Abbey, smokes a cigarette and begs to go to New York with them, Geoff and Abbey tell Adam he is the coolest guy they have met this semester.  Adam pours drink off balcony onto passing car.  Adam kisses Kinder, Robin and Sko.  Adam looses car keys and freaks out.  Adam notices Andrew (who is very cute) at the party.  Adam wonders around, talks to Patrick over a cell phone and drinks two beers and runs from Big Dan.  Adam pees like a million times.  Adam fall off counter and hits head.  Adam holds Andrews hand.  Adam gets sick in the bathroom.  Andrew and Brian Wilson take care of Adam.  Adam passes out on floor, his last thought being “Did Andrew leave?”

Saturday morning was miserable as the party throwers parents arrive to move stuff in.  I helped move a few things, then passed back out till 2:00 in the afternoon where I proceeded to get up still drunk and go home.  I apologized to Andrew online for being so drunk at the bash and then took a nap.  I awoke and met my friend Megan and drove home with her after dropping a quick note off at Aubrie’s about the empty kegs location.

Megan and I cruised along 69 bolting out songs from high school.  It rocked.  Then came the evening of odd smells as mulch, wall paper, fat kids, spanish babies, mean waitresses and a fat gay kid pissed us off.  I got to see X-Men 2 again though, which totally rocked.  Sleep over at MEGANS!!!

Sunday morning i was awoken by dogs and then i got up and went to the track.  Opening day was cold.  There were princesses everywhere and cold chicken to boot.  It was worth it though for the time I got to spend with Megs. Afterwards, i went home for quality family time.

Mom cooked turkey, mashed potatos and corn (MMM) and Amber joined the ‘Rents and I for dinner.  line of the night DAD: MMM, Home cooking makes me horny…..MOM:That’s why I don’t cook anymore!!  Needless to say, my sister and i died laughing then went to Meijer for sibling bonding.  AMBER ROCKS!!  Afterwards, it was kitchen renovations, then a late night viewing of Cube2 and That Thing You Do curtosey of the video store.

Monday was up at 9:30, riding a bike to the drug store to get my film developed.  It was refreshing and i got good photos of David.  I realized i never got to say goodbye to him and I didn’t give him the letter I wrote him.  What letter you ask? A four page schpill of why, how, what and when.  I am a stickler for putting my heart onto paper, so I did just that.  Some may call it a last ditch attempt to win pity from him, I called it an attemt at closure that never happened.  Oh well, he probably didn’t want to read it anyway. 

Back home, where i had a Billy Joel concert and ate bananas, I recieved a big suprise.  My Dad arrived with a new car for me.  1999 Ford Taurus, green, only $1700.  Awesome!! My parents rock.  I quickly cleaned and washe my new vehicle and then got some McDonalds.  This was followed by chatting with the little sister and a nap.  Here after, Megan arrived to return me to Muncie.

Making the lame mistake of getting names confused, I IMed Andrew, calling him Aaron and not even thinking.  I talked to Sam for a bit (a relationship that seems to have some spark to it, but is it the right spark?) and a I made plans to meet with Sko tommorow.  Anyway, roller blading came next, and a visit with Aubrie.  She is too cool.  Then came my return home and an embarassing IM from Andrew saying “hey, i can’t talk i am watching a movie, but name isn’t Aaron.”  I panicked thinking he hated me now, feeling stupd for calling this great guy the wrong name.  He didn’t seem too mad.

Now i am sitting here, typing a Xanga, missing BAP so very very much.  David signed online, i told him about the letter, we both said “oh well”.  He really does hate me.  But now i gotta go talk to this really cool guy named ANDREW.  Bye for now