I may have scarred a child for life.

  Yesterday on the bookmobile, two 4th graders were looking through books.  The little boy picked up a Lizzie McGuire book where she is dressed as a cheerleader on the cover.  The girl looked at the boy, laughed and said “You would choose cheerleading, and it’s Lizzie McGuire!”  The boy was embarassed and quickly put the book down.  He looked at her and exclaimed, “Whatever, I was just looking at it”.  The little girl looked at me, and then back at the boy, “Sure, that’s why you asked me if you could borrow my lip gloss at recess yesterday”.  I lost it.  I couldn’t stop laughing and this poor kid is sitting there, embarassed and heart broken because he didn’t choose his Lizze book and now someone was laughing at him.  It was funny as hell though.


  So I now know for certain that it is spring.  Today as I was leaving my apartment I felt tired and cranky.  However, as I pulled down the main street in the complex I noticed a guy walking a dog.  He was cute.  Then suddenly there was another guy jogging.  and one taking out the trash, and one walking to his car.  And they were all really cute.  Most of them looked dissheveled with their basketball shorts and unshaven faces, but it reminded of spring fever at Ball State when it seemed the hot guys were just dropping from the sky.

  For the summer of 2008 my department at work was offered the chance to put together a program that would reach out to the community, children in particular, and teach disaster preparedness and some basic aid training.  Somehow this project wound up entirely in my hands and I have had to plan out the who, what, where, why and when.  It’s funny how somedays I can feel like a total loser and failure and other times I can feel like I’m a lot more capabl then I ever give myself credit for.  I’ve had a great day today because I’ve scheduled 3 organizations to work with me this summer while I head up this project.  It’s exciting to see something I’ve been working on come into the real world and actually take a date on my calendar and to know that I’m in charge of all the planning and information.  That may all sound like a total pat on the back, but that’s because it is.  I’m proud of myself.

  I’m really looking foward to this summer, esspecially going to the lake with the ‘rents and getting a tan.  I’m freakin’ pasty.  I also am looking foward to a certain Cabin Party that is sure to be a total blast.

   So it’s that time of year again when my lease is going be done in a few months.  I really don’t want to live int he same place that I’ve been staying, so I need to start looking at different options.  I have one friend who wants to buy a house, and we’d do fine living together, but I don’t want to live somewhere that I’ll be uncomfortable because it’s someone else’s house you know?  That and the home he wants to buy is up by Butler which is great for him, but I don’t know how I’d feel about living up there.  I have two jobs on the south side so moving to 40th street could make the drive horrible.  Then again, I’d still be close to downtown where I work full time. 

   I also don’t really want to live by myself again.  It was alright, but I think I prefered having a roommate just so someone could help keep me on track and keep me sane.  Then there’s my Dad who wants me to buy a house, although I am not sure I’m ready for that kind of commitment with a home.  Who knows what will happen.